Affordable Laser Engraver
for Educators and New Users

Work area up to 29" x 17"
Machine Size 28.5" x 16.2" x 26.7"
44.4" x 37" x 23.7"
Laser power 30 watts
60 watts, 80 watt
Laser type CO2 laser

The Rayjet is a desktop laser engraver with a powerful CO2 laser source. It allows you to engrave, mark and cut a variety of materials. The Rayjet 300 is the upgraded version of the standard model. Up to 80 watt laser power and a workspace with 29 x 17 inches size makes it the ideal laser engraver for sophisticated results. Safe, powerful and easy-to-use.

Processable Materials

Check out how the laser works!

Create More
Less Effort, More Profit

Start engraving and cutting immediately with the Rayjet laser, thanks to its intuitive software and the user-friendly system. Make higher profits by turning your creative ideas into reality, due to the almost infinite number of applications.

  • Easy to generate business with: Endless applications
  • Easy Installation: calibrated and ready to use! Just plug and ray
  • Intuitive software
  • Minimum maintenance: No parts wear, RayPack technology, no special tools necessary

Easy to use
Laser Software

Using Rayjet® Manager, texts and images are sent directly from your usual graphics package to the Rayjet laser engraver, so you don’t have to learn any new software. It is as easy as printing. Just select the material type and thickness from the supplied database, then send it to the laser machine. Rayjet® Manager acts as a printer driver.
The Rayjet® Manager supports all standard graphic programs, such as CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Rhino, InkScape or AutoCAD.
Our "one click setup" means you can be up and running within minutes (shortest time from unboxing to making money).

Austrian Engineering & Quality Standards

The Rayjet laser engraver is proudly developed by Trotec. We comply to stringent production procedures and European manufacturing standards, so you can be assured of the best quality product. The Rayjet is equipped with high quality components which means less down time due to non-operation and more up-time for your business.

Highest Safety Standards

Every laser operator is safe using our machines. This is our safety standard: Double interlock system, safety kill-switch and CE certified with all current regulations, directives and harmonized standards including EN ISO12100 machine safety, EN 60204-1 machine safety – electrical equipment, EN 60825-1/2007, EN 60825-4/2006, EN 60825-14/2006 safety of laser equipment, EN 55022/2008, EN 55024/2003 electromagnetic compatibility.

Worldwide Service and Training Network

With more than 60 Trotec operated locations in 17 countries, and a distributor network of over 110 partner companies worldwide, Trotec has the largest service network in the industry. Support is literally around the corner.


      • Rayjet® Manager printer driver
      • Incl. laser parameter/material database
      • Control panel for positioning the laser
      • Laser pointer
      • Autofocus  
      • Plug & ray - requires no installation
      • Electronic z-axis


      With the Rayjet upgrades, you can get more out of your laser machine.
      Depending on your application, you can use these accessories to save processing time and extend the life of your laser.​

      Exhaust system

      The Atmos Cube laser exhaust system removes dust and unpleasant odors caused by the laser engraving process. This also improves engraving results as dust particles are removed immediately during the engraving process. The fume extractor keeps the Rayjet's interior clean, extending its life and to save space, the Rayjet can be placed directly onto the mobile exhaust system.

      Honeycomb table for laser cutting

      When you laser cut material, you will really appreciate our cutting table. It lessens the amount of material that contacts the surface, which reduces beam reflections. The honeycomb structure also improves smoke extraction, meaning during processing the table stays clean, and you can achieve precise cutting edges.

      Air assist for clean engraving

      Air Assist continuously blows clean air onto the object being engraved. As a result, dust is removed from the engraving site, instead of being burnt into the workpiece by the laser beam. As a result, more precise and cleaner engravings and cutting edges are achieved.

      Rotary attachment for glass and cylindrical engraving

      If you want to engrave bottles, jars and other cylindrical objects, you will need to use a rotary attachment to turn your workpiece during the engraving process. Using this attachment, your graphic is engraved along the curved surface. The rotary attachment is suitable for cylindrical objects of up to 3.85 in. (98 mm) in diameter.

      Castor-mounted base

      Do you constantly move your Rayjet around your home or workshop? Then we recommend a caster-mounted base. The Rayjet is securely screwed onto the base, and the wheels can be locked with a brake.

      Technical Data

       Rayjet 50
      Working area18" x 12"
      Laser power30 watts
      Laser typeCO2 laser
      Max. workpiece height5 inch
      Machine size (W x D x H)28.5" x 16.2" x 26.7"
      Weightapprox. 50 kg
      Technical RequirementsPC, power supply with 110-240 V


      Rayjet 50 BrochureRayjet50-2021TLUS.pdf pdf
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      Range of Materials

      What can the laser engrave or cut?

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