The Affordable Laser Engraver

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R Series

The Affordable Laser Cutter

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laser engraved glass bottle

Wide Range of Applications

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U300 Laser Marker
Work areaup to 190 x 190 mm
U300 Laser Marker
R Series Laser Cutter
Work areaup to 51.1" x 35.4"
R Series Laser Cutter
Range of Applications
Engrave & Cut
What the Rayjet laser can engrave or cut

Rayjet Laser Machines

Budget friendly industrial grade laser engraving and cutting solutions.

What is the Rayjet laser?

The Rayjet laser line, invented by Trotec, offers industrial grade and cost-effective laser solutions for businesses, schools, and start-ups. The user friendly laser software is easy to learn, allowing first time laser users to quickly process many different materials. The Rayjet engraver can engrave and cut materials like wood, paper, textiles, plastics, and many more. Designed for educators and new laser users, Rayjet lasers are not only easy-to use and reliable, but also produce professional-grade processing results.

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Laser machines

Rayjet 300
Work area29" x 17"
Rayjet 300
Work area29" x 17"
Work area40" x 24"
Work area51 x 35"
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Powerful CO2 laser Powerful CO2 laser
Austrian Engineering & Quality Standards Austrian Engineering & Quality Standards
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Highest safety standards Highest safety standards
Ergonomic design Ergonomic design
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CeramiCore Laser Source CeramiCore Laser Source
Highest Safety Standards Highest Safety Standards
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Materials & Processing

What can the laser engrave or cut?


Wood laser cutting

Lasers are used for woodworking, whenever clean edges and high processing speeds are needed. Typical applications for laser cutting wood are gifts, jewelry, inlays, toys and model making. With the Rayjet we offer a laser machine that covers all wood applications.


Metal markings

With the Rayjet you can mark metal parts with logos, images and texts. Typical applications are metal markings on promotional items, trophies and jewelry. In industry, the Rayjet is used for marking tools and identification plates with codes and serial numbers.​


Leather cutting & engraving

With the Rayjet you can finish leather products with logos and designs. It is suitable both for laser engraving and laser cutting of leather. Common applications for the Rayjet are engravings on leather bracelets, shoes, purses or book covers.


Paper laser cutting

The Rayjet is the ideal cardboard and paper cutting laser. Use it to create invitations and greeting cards, cardboard cut-outs, building models for model making as well as packaging prototypes. For digital printing the Rayjet is used for cutting and scoring.


Glass engraving

​Particularly fine gifts can be created by laser engraving on glass. With the Rayjet you can engrave texts, logos and photos on glass. Typical applications are engravings on drinking glasses and bottles. The Rayjet is also suitable for engraving float and industrial glass.

Wood laser cuttingMetal markingsLeather cutting & engravingPaper laser cuttingGlass engraving

Wood cutting example

This is an example of a wood laser cut product: toy airplane


Metal marking example

This is an example of a metal laser engraved product: Leatherman

Wood cutting exampleMetal marking example