Metal Marking

With the Rayjet you can mark metal parts with logos, images and texts. Typical applications are metal markings on promotional items, trophies and jewelry. In industry, the Rayjet is used for marking tools and identification plates with codes and serial numbers.​

Which metal types can be marked with the Rayjet?

​The Rayjet marks metal in many different forms. Special contrasts can be achieved in the engraving of coated metals, such as anodized aluminum.

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How does laser marking metal work?

​There are different processing methods for laser marking metal, such as staining by annealing or surface engraving by evaporation. The Rayjet is primarily suited for the removal of coatings on metal. For example in anodized aluminum, the coating is removed by the laser, so that the underlying metal becomes visible. Please contact us for more information on metal marking and engraving.

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Durable and hard-wearing metal markings

Laser marking metal produces permanent and wear-resistant markings. Even under adverse environmental conditions markings remain legible. This is especially relevant for the labelling of components and tools which require long-term traceability of origin. 

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Minimal maintenance requirements

​Laser cutting and marking is an entirely non-contact process, which causes no mechanical wear and tear on the laser device and ensures that the Rayjet has a long operational lifetime. You only need to occasionally clean the Rayjet's focus lens, other than that no maintenance is required.

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How does the Rayjet laser engraver work?

​The Rayjet works in a similar way to an office printer. Send your engraving file directly from your usual graphics program to the laser. As soon as you have selected the type of material, you can start the laser engraving process. More information about the Rayjet laser can be found on the product page.

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Range of Materials

What can the laser engrave or cut?

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