U300 Laser Marker

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Work area up to 190 x 190 mm
Machine Size W 445 x D 851 x H 653 mm
Laser power 20 watts
Laser type Fiber laser

For permanent marking of metals and plastics with data matrix codes, serial numbers or individual marking with smallest fonts. Marking area of up to max. 190 x 190 mm -  depending on the lens.

Processable Materials

Check out how the laser works!

From individual single pieces to batches

With the laser markers of the U series you can mark individual single pieces as well as small and medium batches quickly and easily. With the Galvo Markers engravers, job shoppers and machine builders are able to easily mark components, type plates or tools - even in hard-to-reach areas.

Save time with bordermarking

The special highlight of the U Series is the bordermarking function - this allows you to project the surface to be marked or even the contour onto the component at any time, position it in real time and, if necessary, correct it with a mouse click.

Best engraving quality thanks to high-quality optics

High-quality lenses and an excellent laser spot guarantee a perfect application result for your marking. This allows even the smallest details to be marked precisely. Functions such as polishing and deep engraving ensure legibility even on demanding materials.

Independent and flexible through Ethernet

Due to the newly integrated interface, the laser can be controlled with any Windows PC. This means that you are no longer tied to the functionality of an Industrial PC‘s. Simply plug in and laser - you will be surprised how much time you will save!

Highest safety standards

The U300 is a class 2 laser desktop workstation, so no safety precautions are required. The U50 - an open system of laser class 4 - can be positioned at will and thus also marks larger or bulky components.

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      Laser accessories

      Accessories and Options for U300 and U50

      Different lenses for different requirements

      The lasers U300 and U50 can be equipped with 2 different lenses: 160' or 254'. The 160' lense stands for a smaller laser spot to mark details 254' lense stands for larger marking area on flat materials.

      Optional Z-Stand for U50

      The laser head of U50 can be mounted on an optional Z-Stand.

      Technical Data

      Working area120 x 120 mm120 x 120 mm
      Laser power20 watts20 watts
      Cooling systempassiv air cooledpassiv air cooled
      Max. marking speed9.5 m/sec9.5 m/sec
      Laser safetylaser class 2laser class 4
      Machine size (W x D x H)445 x 851 x 653 mm449 x 559 x 177 mm
      Weight56 kg8 kg
      Power consumption laser machinemax. 500Wmax. 500W


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