Laser Upgrades

Rayjet Laser Upgrades

With the Rayjet upgrades you get more out of your laser. Depending on your application, you can use these accessories to save processing time and extend the life of your laser device.

Exhaust system

The Atmos Cube laser exhaust system removes dust and unpleasant odors caused by laser engraving. This also improves engraving results as dust particles are removed immediately during the engraving process. In addition, the fume extractor keeps the Rayjet's interior clean and thus prolongs its life. The Rayjet is placed directly onto the mobile housing of the exhaust system, which saves space.

Cutting table

If you laser cut, you will particularly appreciate our cutting table. It provides a reduced contact surface for the material, in order to reduce beam reflections from the work surface. The honeycomb structure also improves smoke extraction. In this way, the processing table stays clean, and you can achieve high-precision cutting edges.

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​Air Assist

​Air Assist continuously blows clean air onto the object being engraved. As a result, dust is removed from the engraving site, instead of being burnt into the workpiece by the laser beam. Consequently, you obtain more precise and cleaner engravings and cutting edges.

glass engraving detail

Rotary attachment

The rotary attachment is required for the engraving of bottles, jars and other cylindrical objects. It turns your workpiece during the engraving process. In this way your desired graphic is engraved along the curved surface. The rotary attachment is suitable for cylindrical objects of up to 5.47 in. (139 mm) in diameter.

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Castor-mounted base

​Do you frequently move your Rayjet around your shop or workshop? Then we recommend a caster-mounted base. The Rayjet is securely screwed onto the base and the wheels can be locked with a brake.

Range of Materials

What can the laser engrave or cut?

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