Sign Engraving

With the Rayjet you can engrave door signs, name tags, nameplates and identification plates both for indoor and outdoor use. Engrave texts and logos with maximum precision. The Rayjet laser engraver can even create pin-sharp photo engravings.
sign engraving

Which materials are suitable for sign making?

outdoor signage
​For the manufacture of signs wood, metal and acrylic are frequently chosen by sign makers. Multi-layered plastic laminates are also often used in the engraving of signs. With the Rayjet you can laser engrave all of these materials and many more.

Contactless plaque engraving

laser engraved sign
​Laser engraved laminate
​No contact occurs between the sign and the tool during laser processing. In addition, the sign does not need to be clamped into the laser device during the engraving process. Consequently, the material is neither stressed nor warped. The laser itself is also not worn to ensure consistently exact engravings. For more information on laser engraving please contact us.

Clean cutting edges produced at top speed

engraved nametag
Laser cut and engraved nametags
The major speed advantage over mechanical sign engraving results from the laser-cut edges. No post processing is required for signs and plaques after the cutting operation, as the edges are cut within a few tenths of a millimeter and already sealed by the high temperature. 

How does the Rayjet laser engraver work?

rayjet laser engraver
Rayjet laser engraver
​The Rayjet works in a similar way to an office printer. Send your engraving file directly from your usual graphics program to the laser. As soon as you have selected the type of material, you can start the laser engraving process. More information about the Rayjet laser can be found on the product page.

Contact us

Contact us
​Do you have any questions regarding sign engraving or the Rayjet? Then get in touch with us. We are happy to discuss your requirements or to conduct a material test for you. If you are interested, we will also prepare a customized quote for you.