FabLabs & schools

The Rayjet is the ideal laser for use in FabLabs, schools and universities. Typical applications include model making, rapid prototyping, cardboard prototype production, engineering and textile design. ​​​

laser cut plastic calendar

Which materials can be cut and engraved?

cardboard laser cutting
With the Rayjet you can laser engrave or cut many different materials: Glass, wood (e.g. MDF), plastics, leather, metal, paper, foam, textiles, etc. For more applications click the button below.

Rapid Prototyping

wooden bowl laser engraved
Wooden tray prototype
With the Rayjet the preparation of samples and prototypes (rapid prototyping) is possible within minutes. Even simple designs and sketches can be cut with the laser in order to obtain an initial impression of the final workpiece. Want to learn more about prototyping with the Rayjet? Please contact us.

As easy to operate as an office printer

laser cut cardboard prototype
Cardboard furniture
​The Rayjet works just like an office printer. Send your text or graphic file directly from your usual graphics program to the laser. As soon as you have selected the type of material, you can start the laser engraving process. In this way even untrained user can use the Rayjet to laser cut and engrave within minutes.

Minimal maintenance requirements

rayjet laser maintenance
Minimal maintenance required
​Laser cutting and marking is an entirely non-contact process, which causes no mechanical wear and tear on the laser device and ensures that the Rayjet has a long operational lifetime. You only need to occasionally clean the Rayjet's focus lens, other than that no maintenance is required.

Contact Us

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​Do you have any questions regarding the Rayjet laser cutter? Then get in touch with us. We are happy to discuss your requirements with you. If you are interested, we will also prepare a customized quote for you.