Laser Software

With the Rayjet JobCommander texts and images are sent directly from your usual graphics software to the Rayjet laser engraver. The Rayjet Commander acts as a printer driver. First select the material type and thickness from the supplied database. You can then start the engraving process with a single click.

How the Rayjet JobCommander works

In the video to the left you can see a file being sent from a graphics program, via the Rayjet JobCommander printer driver, to the laser engraver. Before engraving begins the material category is selected and the material thickness. The JobCommander software then sets the optimum laser power level and processing speed for the selected material.

What programs and file formats are supported?

printer settings
Laser software interface
The Rayjet JobCommander supports all standard graphic programs, such as CorelDraw, PhotoPaint, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and AutoCAD, as well as MS Photo Paint, Word and Excel. For more details check out the JobCommander software manual.

Material Database with Laser Parameters

JobCommander laser software
​​JobCommander material database
With the Rayjet JobCommander software, you receive an extensive material database. The material "wood", for example comprises the following types: balsa, alder wood, MDF, etc. For each material the database contains laser parameters for precise and time-saving laser engraving. It is also possible to create custom settings for your materials and to adjust existing parameters at any time.

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