Laser Cutting Wood

Lasers are used for woodworking, whenever clean edges and high processing speeds are needed. Typical applications for laser cutting wood are gifts, jewelry, inlays, toys and model making. With the Rayjet we offer a laser machine that covers all wood applications.
laser cutting wood

Which wood types can be cut with the Rayjet laser?

engraved picture frame
​With the Rayjet you can engrave and cut just about all natural wood and laminated wood types up to a thickness of 6 mm. Most often plywood and MDF are used for laser processing due to their uniform surface. Here is an overview of wood types that are suitable for wood carving, engraving and cutting.
Laminated wood
Chipboard MDF Plywood
​Multiplex MDF ​Veneer
​Solid wood
Acacia Linden
Ash Mahogany
Balsa wood Maple
Bamboo Oak
Beech Pine
Cedar Poplar
​Cherry wood Resin wood
Cork Spruce
Douglas Teak
Eucalyptus Walnut

Laser processing wood without dust and shavings

wood engraving
​Wood engraving
​During laser processing no shavings or dust are created due to the immense effect of the heat. The organic material is simply vaporized and extracted as smoke. The machine and its surroundings do not have to be cleaned after the laser operation. For more information on laser cutting wood please contact us.

Laser engraving wood with 3D effect

mdf laser cut
​Laser cut mdf
​The Rayjet engraves wood surfaces including pictures, texts and ornaments. Wood engravings thus obtained have a depth of 0.1 mm to 4 mm. Create reliefs with a stunning 3D effect on your material. In addition, cutting edges are darker in color due to the heat effect, which produces another beautiful optical effect.

Clean cutting edges produced at top speed

engraved birchwood box
​Engraved birchwood box
The major speed advantage over mechanical wood processing results from the laser-cut edges. No post processing is required for wood after the cutting operation, as edges are cut within tenths of a millimeter and already sealed by the high temperature. 

How does the Rayjet laser engraver work?

rayjet laser engraver
​R​ayjet laser engraver
​The Rayjet works in a similar way to an office printer. Send your cutting or engraving file directly from your usual graphics program to the laser. As soon as you have selected the type of material, you can start the laser engraving process. More information about the Rayjet laser can be found on the product page.

Contact us

Contact us
​Do you have any questions regarding the cutting of wood or the Rayjet? Then get in touch with us. We are happy to discuss your requirements or to conduct a material test for you. If you are interested, we will also prepare a customized quote for you. ​​