Leather Engraving

With the Rayjet you can finish leather products with logos and designs. It is suitable both for laser engraving and laser cutting of leather. Common applications for the Rayjet are engravings on leather bracelets, shoes, purses or book covers.
engraved leather bracelet

Which leather types can be cut with the Rayjet laser?

leather wallet engraved
​The Rayjet is excellently suited to engraving on natural leather, suede and rough leather. It works equally well when engraving and cutting leatherette or nubuck and suede leather or microfiber materials, such as Alcantara (Ultrasuede).

Exact, sealed cutting edges

leather phone cover engraved
​Engraved phone cover
​When laser cutting leather extremely precise cutting edges can be achieved with the Rayjet. The engraved leather is not frayed by laser processing. In addition, the cutting edges are sealed by the effect of the heat. This saves time especially when post processing leatherette. For more information on leather engraving please contact us.

Leather engraving without tool wear

laser engraving on leather

Laser engraved logo on leather

​The toughness of leather can cause heavy wear on mechanical tools (e.g. on the knives of cutting plotters). Laser etching leather, however, is a non-contact process. There is no material wear on the tool and the engravings remain consistently accurate with the laser.

How does the Rayjet laser engraver work?

Rayjet laser engraving area
​Ra​yjet laser engraver
​The Rayjet works in a similar way to an office printer. Send your image file directly from your usual graphics program to the laser. As soon as you have selected the type of material, you can start the laser engraving process. More information about the Rayjet laser engraver can be found on the product page.​

Contact us

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​Do you have any questions regarding the engraving of leather or the Rayjet? Then get in touch with us. We are happy to discuss your requirements or to conduct a material test for you. If you are interested, we will also prepare a customized quote for you.