Rayjet 300

The Rayjet 300 is the upgraded version of the Rayjet 50, offering more laser power and a bigger working area. Featuring a roomy working area of 29" x 17" and up to 80W of power, the robust Rayjet 300 is the ideal laser engraver and cutter for demanding applications.​​

Technical Specifications

​Rayjet 300 - Technical Specifications​
​Laser power 60 or 80 watts
​Laser type
CO2 laser
​Work area
29 x 17 inch
​Max. workpiece height
5.9 inch
​Machine size 43 x 35 x 22 inch
approx. 298 lbs
Technical Requirements PC, power supply with 110-240 V

Materials the Rayjet Can Process

laser engraving applications
The Rayjet is suitable for laser engraving and cutting wood, plastics, leather, paper, and many other materials. Typical applications include signage, trophy engraving, stamp engraving, prototype construction, and promotional items.

Simple Operation with Laser Software

laser engraving software
With the Rayjet Commander software files are sent from your graphics program directly to the laser engraver. The software functions are easy, logical, and intuitive.

How Much Does the Rayjet 300 Cost?

rayjet 300 laser engraver
We offer several payment options, making your purchase easy, afforable, and stress free.

Minimal Maintenance Required

rayjet 300 laser engraver
Laser engaving and cutting is a non-contact process, causing no mechanical wear and tear. Thanks to patented technology like RayPack Technology, the Rayjet 300 has a long operational life. Other than keeping your system clean, the Rayjet requires no maintenance.

Features and Upgrades

rayjet laser upgrades
Rayjet Product Features
 ​Rayjet Commander printer driver
incl. laser parameter/material database
 ​Control panel for positioning the laser
 ​Laser pointer
 plug & ray - requires no installation
 ​Electronic z-axis

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