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Thank you for your inquiry about the Rayjet laser engraver. A member of the sales team will contact you soon.
​How to reach us by phone ​
Trotec International +43 7201 15 244
​Trotec USA
+1-734 720-9997
​Trotec UK
+44 141 280 0334
​Trotec Canada
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​Trotec South Africa
​+27 11 262 1400  
We also recommend taking a look at the following information on laser engraving and cutting:​
lasertainment newsletter

Lasertainment Newsletter

The "Lasertainment" newsletter contains up-to-date information from the laser industry, Tips & Tricks for laser engraving and laser pattern templates to make yourself. Click here to register for the Lasertainment newsletter from Trotec.
rayjet laser applications

Rayjet applications

Here is a selection of materials that can be laser engraved and cut with the Rayjet and an overview of the various available applications.
diy laser samples instructions

DIY laser samples - templates and instructions

Our DIY laser templates provide you with ideas and suggestions for making your own: Engraved gifts, greeting cards and much more incl. instructions and file templates.